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SF Chiropractic


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For your best performance...

SF = Structure & Function

SF stands for very important factors of human body, “Structure” and “Function”.


Even though you have a perfect posture, or alignment of vertebrae, you can have so many kinds of musculoskeletal problems such as stiff neck or low back pain if those joints or muscles making “a perfect posture” are not well functioning.




If those joints or muscles do not have a flexibility or capacity of movement, gravity or other factors can load on a certain part of body all the time, causing only that part to work to hold your body.  


At the same time, no matter how flexible you or your muscles and joints are, they can’t perform 100% if you do not have a good posture or form, because simply you just do not use your body ideally.


“Structure” and “Function” are deeply working on each other and they could cause tight and stiff muscles, or decrease of performance.

SF Chiropractic uniquely approach both “structure” and “function” aspects to effectively get your body recover fast and be ready for the next competition.

"If you only do what you can do, you'll never be better than what you are."

  Master Shifu  


What We Treat

*Neck  pain

*Stiff neck

*Numbness/Tingling on arms

*Acute low back pain

*Chronic low back pain/Stiff low back


*TMJ syndrome

*Pain around the shoulder blades

*Frozen shoulder

*Golfer's elbow

*Tennis elbow

*Wrist pain

*Carpal tunne syndrome

*Hip pain

*Runner's knee

*Ankle sprain

*Poor posture

*Improve athletic performance

*and more


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Your condition is unique. When there are 10 athletes who just sprained their ankles, there are 10 cases that are completely different.

A thorough examination will be performed to figure out your unique condition in detail via chiropractic, orthopedic, and kinesiologic aspect.


An individualized therapy focusing on your specific complaints. Traditional chiropractic adjustments, SF style soft tissue therapy (combined Active Release Technique®, IASTM, stretching therapy, trigger point therapy and sports massage), and kinesiology taping to support muscles and joints. Maintain your muscles and joints well to not only recover fast, but bring your performance to the next level.


You are the only one who can make changes to your body. A 30-minute office treatment session is about 2% of a day. Even if you are on a twice-a-week program, it is only about 0.6% of a week. It means  98% of a day, or 99.4% of a week.,  it is you and your innate ability that heal your body. SF Chiropractic provides idea strengthening and stretching exercises that you can perform on your own for faster recovery and prevention.  



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