Office Update:

Many changes at SF Chiropractic have taken place in the last few months, including having to move to a new location.

I’ve been working hard to make sure that the new space is inviting and comfortable for you. With the generous help of some great friends and caring clients, I’m finally done.

My new office location:

1660 S. Albion St #342

Denver CO 80222

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Covid-19 Update:

SF Chiropractic is officially allowed to open the practice for in-person chiropractic and bodywork sessions. We will be following Denver's safer-at-home rules and regulations.


To deliver a healthy treatment experience, we will:

          -Limit our office hours and number of patients.

          -Frequently sterilize surfaces and equipment.

          -Implement preventative measures including the provider wearing a mask and sanitizing hands before, during, and after            each session.

We would appreciate if you do your part as well by:


         -Wearing a mask or moth cover

         -Waiting in your car until your appointment time

         -Sanitizing your hands when you walk into the office.


We are very excited to see each one of you!

Shotaro Fukuda DC

Discover Your Best


SF Chiropractic is a sports chiropractic clinic conveniently located in prime southeast Denver at I-25 and Colorado Blvd. Our passion is to help people recover and perform at their best. We offer a complete and integrated treatment approach that is customized just for you to recover fast, maintain peak performance, and stay injury-free.

What is SF?

SF stands for very important factors of the human body.


“Structure” and “Function”.


Even though you have a perfect posture or perfect alignment of vertebrae, you could have musculoskeletal problems such as stiff neck or low back pain if those joints or muscles are not functioning well.



If those joints or muscles do not have flexibility or capacity of movement, lots of factors, such as gravity, your posture, and how to sit, stand or walk will put mechanical stress on a certain part of body for a long period of time. This will make only that part of body to work and hold the stress, thus it will hurt eventually. 


Likewise, no matter how flexible you or your muscles and joints are, they can’t perform their 100% if you do not have a good posture or a form.

“Structure” and “Function” go hand in hand and they could cause tightness, stiffness, pain, decrease in range of motion, and decrease in athletic performance.


SF Chiropractic uniquely approaches both “structure” and “function” of your body to effectively get your body recover fast and be ready for the next competition.



Conditions Treated

Neck/Shoulder Tightness

Lower Back Pain


Upper Extremities

Lower Extremities

Improve Sports Performance