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3 Steps to Your Success

1. Assess

Your condition is unique. When there are 10 athletes who just rolled their ankles, there are 10 "ankle sprain" cases that are completely different.

A thorough examination will be performed to figure out your unique condition in detail via chiropractic, orthopedic, and kinesiological aspect.

A customized therapy focusing on your specific complaints. Traditional chiropractic adjustments, soft tissue therapy (combined with Active Release Technique®, IASTM, stretching therapy, trigger point therapy and sports massage), and kinesiology taping to support muscles and joints. Maintain your muscles and joints well to not only recover fast, but bring your performance to the next level.

2. Treat

3. prevent

You are the one who can make real changes to your body. A 30-minute office treatment session is a small portion of a day and what you do after and between sessions is more important and has bigger impact to your body.

It is YOU and your innate ability that heal your body. SF Chiropractic provides ideal strengthening and stretching exercises that you can perform on your own for faster recovery and prevention.  

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