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what is SF

SF stands for very important factors of the human body.


“Structure” and “Function”.


Even though you have a perfect posture or perfect alignment of vertebrae, you could have musculoskeletal problems such as stiff neck or low back pain if those joints or muscles are not functioning well.



If those joints or muscles do not have flexibility or capacity of movement, lots of factors, such as gravity, your posture, and how to sit, stand or walk will put mechanical stress on a certain part of body for a long period of time. This will make only that part of body to work and hold the stress, thus it will hurt eventually. 


Likewise, no matter how flexible your muscles and joints are, they can’t perform their 100% if you do not have a good posture.

“Structure” and “Function” go hand in hand and they could cause tightness, stiffness, pain, decrease in range of motion, and decrease in athletic performance.


SF Chiropractic uniquely approaches both “structure” and “function” of your body to effectively get your body recover fast and be ready for the next competition.



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